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Alan Lepofsky

Vice President Customer Advocacy Trailblazer Marketing

Session: Panel discussion on Remote Working and Challenges

Alan Leposfky is the Vice President of Evangelism for Quip, a Salesforce company, before that he was the Vice President at Constellation Research where he worked as an adviser to global enterprises and leading software companies on the future of work. With two decades of experience in the software industry Alan uses his expertise to understand how to develop and/or implement collaboration solutions that help employees get their work done also how organizations can improve their existing business processes by providing access to the colleagues, content and communities that can help people get their work done more effectively.

His primary research area The Future Work focuses on integrating collaboration and business processes (Purposeful Collaboration), structuring work via Social Task Management, leveraging analytics and digital assistants to work productively, the strategic impact of computing on business transformation and measuring workforce culture based on Digital proficiency instead of age.